Yu Yu Hakashu

While surfing through the Funimation channel, I came across a show that my daughter watched during her middle school years,” Yu Yu Hakashu” or as I liked to call it “You, You, Hack and Saw”. Well, I watched some episodes too.

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The show is about a boy named Yusuke Urameshi, the tough kid in the neighborhood. He does not care about school and not caring about anything much other than fighting. So he has a reputation. But he gets killed when he saves a young child from being hit by a car. He received a chance to return to the land of the living. In exchange, he becomes a spirit detective. As a spirit detective, his tasks is to fight evil demons and bring them to justice. 

Of course, he needs a cohort. He is joined by schoolmate, Kazuma Kuwabara, demons Hiei and Kurama and Botan, a broom riding witch, I mean spirit guide charged with ferrying souls to the spirit world to face judgment.

I remember little about the show except that Yusuke fires something from his finger (Turns out it is his spirit gun) Kuwabara has a sword and Kurama uses a rose that he transforms into a whip. I was curious to see if I will still enjoy the show.

The action sequence reminds me a lot of “Dragon Ball Z”. A show I initially found silly but later enjoyed very much. There seems to be a theme here. Start watching new show, don’t like but continue watching anyway, then hooked and can’t wait for following episodes.

I expect to follow the same path with many anime shows. I might start enjoying the show more.

So what did I think of this re-watch? So far it isn’t bad. The biggest disappointment is the animation, followed by the story. The animation is dated, and that is expected of a show that ended its run back in 1995. It is possible that back then the enjoyment had more to do with spending time with my kids than the actual show itself. Or maybe as we age we no longer enjoy the same antics in shows as when we were younger. 

I will say this, I still enjoy watching Teen-Titans GO!, and Animaniacs. Shallow kids comedy, how can you not enjoy?

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