Attack on Titan

A few years ago my daughter introduced me to a show called “Attack on Titan”

I watched these giant genital-less humanoids attack and eat humans. What a cliche. And how do they keep their teeth so clean?  There were tall ones, small ones, enormous head, gigantic eyes, big tummy and so forth. There are Titans that ran around with their heads hanging down one side, arms flailing. I thought to myself, “It is possible for them to run like that. This is boring”. I had just finished re-watching FMA (Full Mental Alchemist) for the third or fourth time. FMA became the standard for my newly renewed enjoyment of Anime.

But my daughter convinced me to give it more time. And so I did.

“Attack on Titan” is set in a world where humans battle against the threat of extinction at the hands of mindless humanoids they call “Titans”. Titans come in a sizes, from almost human sized to really gigantic. It is a war where humans are greatly outmatched. To survive, humans had to move behind huge walls to keep the Titans out. Three childhood friends find themselves directly involved in the war when their town is destroyed by the Titans. The children move to another part of the walled world, along with have the other refugees and struggle to survive on the own. They join the Scout Ranger division to exact revenge on the Titans. They lose both friends and colleagues along the way, many sacrificed in battles that yield precious little intelligence on the nature of their enemy.

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As I continued to watch the following episodes, something happened. Important characters I thought would stay on for long died. You are probably thinking that if they were important, then they would stick around. I mean characters important to the made-up society and to their survival. And I remembered what drew me to “Game of thrones” aside. The story twists and turns, and then something totally unexpected happens. Spend the time to watch the show and you bond with certain characters, then “Crunch”, they get eaten just like that by mindless Titans.  Humans are destined to end up as just food for these beasts. And since they cannot digest their meals, it is like killing humans just for the fun of it.

By the middle of the first season, they have caught me. I could not wait to start the next episode and the next season. And the next, then the next. Binge watching, right? I learned and pace myself, otherwise I’d run out of shows to watch. By the end of the 2nd season I wanted a certain principal character gone. And I wonder which character is going to get consumed next.

Still, I will be surprised if one of the principal characters does not survive. Then again, after HBO’s Game of Throne, who knows.“Expect the unexpected”, as they say.

As of October 2020, I am waiting for season 4 to start. This is also the last season. Who the Titans are is about to be answered.

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