About Me

Hello, first a little background. I am, ah, over 50 years of age and I live on the East Coast. And one thing me and my kids bonded on is Anime. Not manga, Anime.

During my younger years, I spent Saturday mornings watching Looney Tunes. The show featured Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck and others. Sometimes we would catch Mickey Mouse and the other lovable Disney characters. I do not remember if these shows were on Saturdays, Sundays, or just the Holidays. 

One day, on a Thursday afternoon, it happened. It was summer, so school was out. We were playing with my cousins at their home. It was the afternoon, so we went in for snacks and refreshment. It was hot, so we entered one of the air-conditioned bedrooms, and low and behold, it was a cartoon of a robot! I remember watching a cartoon robot some years ago, Gigantor, The Great Big Robot, and we would sing the opening theme. But this was different, this was Mazinger-Z, and it was the day I first became aware, not fully, of Japanese Anime. Soon we would rush home after school, excited to catch the latest episodes. At school, me and my classmates would play Voltes-V and use our laser swords on each other. Sometimes the entire class got involved. Good times, good times. But it was not to last. Eventually, some parents complained that their kids were spending too much time on TV watching these shows and not enough studying. And the government banned the shows. Addiction cured, cold turkey.

Over the years, I continued to enjoy cartoons. But now I had my kids to share this with. There were Marvel’s X-Men and Disney’s Gargoyle, to name two. But Anime was difficult to watch over the air. When we finally got cable, my kids introduced me to Pokemon, Inuyasha, Powerpuff Girls, Teen titans (The original and eventually the remake). The advent of streaming media like Netflix, Vudu, Hulu and Prime has made binge-watching these shows easier. And the selections way too much. Not to self, I might need to spend a large part of my retirement catching up on all on the shows.

A friend of mine once said that Anime and cartoons are just for kids. My grandfather was a doctor, and yet I have observed him watch and enjoy cartoons. This is what I think. Age is mostly physical. If you lose the ability to enjoy the things you enjoyed as a kid, then maybe you are old, maybe too old.

So why write a blog about anime?

Well, it is available to do. I’ve wanted to try it out, and my kids think this is a good idea.

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And now, here we go! Enjoy!